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View from QTH to lake of Zurich

Rig and PC (KX3 used)

near the antenna on the roof

location overview

detail of antenna l (BUDDY STICK)

closer detail (BUDDY STICK)

my friend cuts my hairs during contest

meine Platzierung HB9FIH

Amateurfunk - HAM info

HB9 - King of Spain Contest 2014

Contest date 17.May 12:00 - 18.May 12:00 2014 (UTC)
Thats my 2nd second contest

I am retired and living abroad. But during this time I am on a visite in Switzerland. I am guest in my friends house. This is located on the lake of Zurich.
My CW way:
I started CW learning in October 2013. Normal QSO and talking I reach now 60-80 cpm, for contest use more.

I took my KX3 (10W) with paddle and a ETM-3 keyer with me. And of course my computer which has the UCXLog program and some tools eg reverse beacon,
For the antenna it was not possible to build up a "normal" one. I decided to use my Buddy Stick. I putted them on the roof near the station and tuned them for 7050 kHz.
During the week before the contest I had several QSO's and I feelt that the Buddy Stick is usable for the contest - and more especally on 40m.
I decided to work on the 40m band only.
My goal for the contest is: 1. reach more points as in H26 contest, 2. try to reach 50 QSO's as single operator in CW. I prepared me especially for the night then I assumed (also after consulting the conditions) that I only have a real chance when I am working on evening and night (with my 10W).
All is ready, paper, pens, batteries loaded (I work always with accu with the KX3).

the contest from saturday ....sunday
Saturday afternoon I checked the 40m band several times. I recognized a lot of QRM. I worked only some times until evening - result was a few stations from Germany and Croatia.
From 19:00 UTC the count of QSO / hour increased. Best time was from 20:00 - 01:00. In this time I made about 80% of my QSO's.

What with my 10W ???
When I'v recognized a EA station usually it was covered by pile-up. With my 10W I know there is no chance against the "big guns". I was patient and listet to the traffic. And always after some time I could work the station without any problem.
A big highlight for me was working a USA station N3QE - this with my 10W! (my 1st USA QSO)
After 01:00 it becomes more and more quiet and I decided to sleep for a while. Fact I sleeped from 01:30 - 06:00 UTC.
Sunday morning until now there where only few station on the air. I could work a SS province and a few German stations. The QRM is increasing and covers all signals.
It was necessary to cut my hairs - ok my friend (hes profession is hairdresser) did this (see picture) ;-)
Also we had a big breakfast (I made a "Zopf" especially for the sunday breakfast. ("Zopf is a especially bread made with Milk instead water - Swiss people like this very much). Now I write this report and feel I must close - too much QRM.

Result: its not necessary for fun and satisfaction to have a "big gun" (several hundereds Watts). I am full satisfied about my result with only 10W and the Buddy Stick antenna.
I am hopefull that I have all numbers clear recognized.
On sunday morning the German stations where giving numbers precceding a sign. ? was this another contest ?
Anyway I had fun and I am full satisfied.
The QSO partners where all very friendly, a lot of EA stations sent a 73 on the end - Thanks to all.
Unfortunally the EA0 station I've not heard - if SMR worked really the he was always in a pile up - I think.
Thanks to SMR for this contests patronat.

My result table:
Spain: 20
Germany 9
Croatia 2
Hungary 2
Ireland 2
Poland 2
Netherlands 2
France 2
Italy 2
Norway 1
Sweden 1
England 1
Belgium 1
Russia 1
Lettland 1
Slovenia 1
Finland 1
Tschechien 1
Lithuana 1

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