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OM Erich in action Saturday

mountain in background on top snow

the equipment Saturday

QSO map from Saturday

RBN from a CQ Call Saturday

QSO map from Sunday

RBN after CQ on Sunday

Equipment Sunday

my participation

the participants

the published picture in Club72

Amateurfunk - HAM info

TA3 - 3./4.Februar 2024 SNOWMAN in CW

Snowman with Club72 on Saturday 3.February 2024

From my QTH down to the Beach it's a short walk for abt 500m only LOC still KM39ii.
30 Min earlier I was down at Restaurant on the Beach having a hot Tea.

WX very nice, sun a bit windy temperature started from 11C at QRT abt 13C.
I decided to take my position in the wind-shadow, it would be better for the Loop.
Very fast I was ready to go ...

My equipment:
- PFR-3 QRP CW Tranceiver makes abt 3 Watts
- mag.Loop Antenne DIY - especially optimized for 20m and ultra portable
- Wolfwave for cutting QRM away
- PWR 12V Akku 7Ah. Started with 13V and endet with 10 Volts (its abt 10 Years old)
- Mini Paddle (DIY)
- Headphone

Saturday 3.2.2024
Short after 12 UTC I heard first known OM - it was Peter OO7Z - the QSO was suddently in Log. After every abt 15 Min another QSO.
After 1 1/2 hrs I made a break, went in to the restaurant for a tea again.
Vy amazing was especially:
- QSO with RX3PR - he had 1 Watt only
- the two QSO - chasing my Swiss friends - they where for SOTA on mountains in HB9
Totally satisfied. The Mag.Loop worked great.
Also the Radio - it was a really good choice.
Wolfwave - vy helpful otherwise Call are gone in QRM.

My transmitted Exchange was:
feelt RST - 3 W - 11 C (last two QSO 13 C)
3-Feb-2024 13:56:00 SM2FIJ 14.0604 KP06kc 5W 2C  
3-Feb-2024 10:49:00 HA6QU 14.0575 KN06nq ? ?  
3-Feb-2024 10:39:00 HB9AFI/P 14.061 JN36oq SOTA HB/FR-028  
3-Feb-2024 09:55:00 HB9DQM/P 14.063 JN36tf SOTA HB/VS-175  
3-Feb-2024 09:46:00 RX3PR/P 14.0573 KO84te 1W 5C  
3-Feb-2024 09:33:00 PA0CMU 14.061 JO21jn 5W 3C  
3-Feb-2024 09:18:00 OM6TC 14.0605 JN88tj 5W 8C  
3-Feb-2024 09:14:00 RA7RA 14.0606 KN64SO ? ?  
3-Feb-2024 09:07:00 OO7Z 14.0635 JO21la 5W ?  

Sunday 4.2.2024
Same position - Started on 07:44 with UR7VT - the 20m anyway was not open.
The last QSO 13:00 with IU8CNE.
Again vy satisfied.

When I turned the Loop I had disturbence in the Radio - but was no problem.
The key (magnetic hold on a plate) was always a bit moving - hard for keying

My transmitted Exchange was:
feelt RST - 3 W - 8 C

4-Feb-2024 10:00 IU8CNE 14059.9 JN71cc 5W
4-Feb-2024 09:54 HB9BXQ 14059.9 JN47gj QRO
4-Feb-2024 08:50 SM2FIJ 14060.5 KP06kc 5W
4-Feb-2024 08:28 IV3ICH 14060.8 JN66od 1W
4-Feb-2024 08:11 OK1SNY 14059.5 JN69pr 5W
4-Feb-2024 07:50 OO7Z 14061.0 JO21la 5W 5C
4-Feb-2024 07:44 UR7VT 14060.5 KO50GK 3W 2C
15. March 2024 The results are hereThanks Oleg from Lipetsk for organisation of this game.
I am vy satisfied.
Fact is also with QRP (I had 3 Watts) and a magnetic Loop Antenna it's able to have satisfaction and fun.
Even when I not had so cool as the other participants (hi)

Auf der Seite des Club72 kann man Bilder der anderen Teilnehmer sehen.
- links im Menu zuerst Snowman - dann nach unten dann kommts in englisch - und dort dann Resulate 2024
Viel Spass


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