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RBN on 11.06.2023

19.6. die Resultate sind da

Amateurfunk - HAM info

HB9 - 11.06.2023 - SV-QRP Party

 Today, 11.June 2023 the SV-QRP Party is held from 11-16 UTC (Local 13-18)
Came up to my Hill on 568m abt 10:30.
Pulled up the Fuchs-Antenna and prepared me.
RIG: FT-818
ANT: Fuchs Antenna 21m
Just 11 UTC I heard my friend Paul LA/HB9DST/P calling as a SOTA activator from LA on 20m. Seems it was his first call.
Suddently gave an answer (before the pileup starts), and really I have him in LOG as my first QSO in the Party.
Unfortunally after one hour more listen and calling, still one QSO in LOG. I checked all Bands called an listend.
Then 12:16 SM3SRS also on 20m answered my call. It seems my skip is working to north only.
But 15 Min later I got the first SV Station, it was SV1IU.
Half an one hour later next one: The SV8GGI Kostas - (I had him earlier on time but he did not understand my call sign)- but now condx have increased to SV.
Short after next SV with SV0XAF Micke.
Then I turned to 17m and called. On 14:02 Neil G0ORG came back for the onliest QSO on another Band.
Between the QSO's, I always checked 15/12/10m - listend and called - but had no luck on these bands.

19.6.2023 die Resultate sind da:
9. von 14 - ich bin zufrieden.
Es hatte doch einige die haben mitgemacht jedoch kein QSO geschafft (wir sind noch im Chat vernetzt).

Abt 15 UTC I made QRT.
More or less satified with 6 QSO. I expected QSO on other Bands 15/12/10m.




Here my LOG:

"LOG 11.6,2023"
QSO: #,QRG,Mode,Date,UTC,myCall,RSTrx,myLOC,Call,RSTtx,LOC,km
QSO: 1,18086.0,CW,2023-06-11,1402,HB9FIH,539,JN47HQ,G0ORG,589,JO02lb,733
QSO: 2,14060.0,CW,2023-06-11,1339,HB9FIH,559,JN47HQ,SV0XAF,599,KM18te,1631
QSO: 3,14059.5,CW,2023-06-11,1311,HB9FIH,119,JN47HQ,SV8GGI,599,KM17sx,1124
QSO: 4,14060.0,CW,2023-06-11,1227,HB9FIH,559,JN47HQ,SV1IU/QRP,589,KN17uw,1621
QSO: 5,14059.5,CW,2023-06-11,1216,HB9FIH,339,JN47HQ,SM3SRS,559,JP71ws,1631
QSO: 6,14059.3,CW,2023-06-11,1100,HB9FIH,339,JN47HQ,LA/HB9DST/P,559,JO59ix,1373
Sum km - 8113

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