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going up "Traffic jam"

amazing view from Jinama

Jinama still in "progress" not nice here

my field QTH ready to go

with the MW-antenna

and the tuner

OM in selfie (rem T-Shirt)

the temperature here 22 C

3m - then abt 1000m down

view north to east

30. Saturday - the RBN Report

Field Shack 31.Sunday

Field Shack 31.Sunday

RBN 31.Sunday

Amateurfunk - HAM info

EA8 - 30./31.January 2021 Snowman activity CW

30./31.1.2021 Saturday/Sunday (two sessions) 
Snowman Club73 / QRPClub Activity
(here not really "Snowman" with 22C and 18C)

30.January 1st Session

At 07:00 o'clock I got up. First looking for the weather condicions. Looks vy nice, again a sunny day without any clouds.

Abt 8 o'clock I started to drive up the amazing mountain street from our QTH on 240m to Jinama abt 1200m.
On the street up some special traffic jam - see picture.
I planned to have my QTH at this viewpoint (Jinama).
But, unfortunally since 3 years they are building a terrible block from beton...still in progress.
So I drove a bit further, abt 500m away, over a natural street right of Jinama.

On 08:55 I was ready, not in HF - first I had the daily sked with La Palma DL9RX and and Teneriffe DF6GU on 2m.
With the UV868 Handy I could really reach my friends on the other Islands very well with abt 5 Watts in FM on 145.500.

Abt 20 Min later I began with installing the Mantelwellen Antenna.
(Its a Vertical Dipol for 20m QRP but end feeded with abt 100 Ohms).
I had a bit to adjust them to 1:1 - against the tuning position where I used them in the garden.

Abt 09:35 I was QRV and listend.
Suddently I heart OM6TC Jozef - replied him several times but he could not read me.
09:37 14056 HA2NK Feri, 569 559 20/4 Watts 22C, QSO in Log, but does not understand my exchange, seems a normal QSO
09:49 14060.8 DL4BBJ 569 569 ?/4 Watts 22C - QSO in Log also a normal QSO
09:52 14064.2 OO7Z Peter 549 449 4 Watts (I forgot to write down the Temp...)
09:55 1406x heard CT7/K9PM with abt 559 - but he could not read me.
10:00 1406x YU7AE Kare 439 559 5/4 Watts 27C 12C - QSO in Log
Then I heard and replied following stations but none of them gave a reply:
OM7TC Jozef again, IV3ICH, EA3IJO Jose, EA7EGU, DK1RX, DL4BBJ again
11:02 14059.9 OK2BQN Zdenek 529 429 ?/4 Watts ?/22C - QSO in Log also a normal QSO (he chases me always on SOTA)
After heard and replied YT5M, HA... but both din't read me.
Then again called and called but no more takers -
Abt 11:30 I decided for QRT.
After analyzing the heard and reached stations must say - short-medium skip condx.
2 QSO with Field stations - YU Serbia, OO Belgium)
3 QSO with normal Stations - HA Hungary, DL Germany, OK Czech Rep.

Call Name
 my LOC
 his LOC
HA2NK Feri  IL17xs  JN96eo   3697 km
DL4BBJ  IL17xs  JO42ju   3458 km
OO7Z Peter  IL17xs  JO21la   3128 km
YU7AE Kare  IL17xs  KN05cp   3746 km
OK2BQN Zdenek  IL17xs  JN89tf   3726 km
SE5E the best RBN   IL17xs  JO89lw   4358 km

First 4 done with 4 Watts from PFR-3
Last 1 done with 4 Watts from HB1-B

For me it was successful, radio and antenna worked well.
Sometimes from abt 10:30 I had for some seconds until abt 30 seconds a terrible QRM - from a radion station(?) or from not recognized spectrum transmission - power lines ?  (but there are no powerlines to see on the mountain). 

2.nd Session - 31.January 2021 9-12
This time I decided to patricipate from garden.
09:23 - QRV and heard terrible noise on 14060 +/-
09:27 - 14062.5 - CQ Called
09:34 - 14064 - OO7Z Peter - field-field QSO
09:38 - 14059 - YU7AE Kare - field-field QSO
09:44 - 14059.5 - CT7/K9PM - field-field QSO

09:51 - 14061.5 - MI0BGB answered - no reply
09:55 - terrible noise again
10:04 - IK1WPX answered - no reply
10:25 - EA7KE and F4AQG answered - no reply
10:29 - 14062.8 - IV3ICH  Alex - QSO home-field
10:39 - IK2RMZ; I5CEW; OK1CHP, SQ9S answered - no reply
10:52 - DM1AA - answered - no reply
Seems condx are gone - also friends from group anouncing QRT - me too


Call Name
 my LOC
 his LOC
OO7Z Peter
 IL07xs  JO21la   3225 km
YU7AE Kare  IL07xs  KN05cp   3894 km
CT7/K9PM Paul
 IL07xs  IM57rd   1370 km
 IL07xs  JN66od   3411 km
SE5E the best RBN   IL07xs  JO89lw   4358 km


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