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the Moni - made for 5 Martures

final with drive from now up

the Moni from the way up

always more up

after abt 50 Minutes "hot" on top

view around

earlier there was a Repeater here

nun meine Fuchsantenne

woderful beach

only few RBN


Amateurfunk - HAM info

SV5 - 15.09.2020 SOTA Aktivierung LIPSI SV/AG-026 Skafi 278m


15. September 2020

SOTA SV/AG-026 Skafi 278m on Island Lipsi

UTC is -3 hrs

The day before I rented a motorbike (10€) for the 3.5 km street up from the Marina to the moni.
About 10 I was on the Moni.
It›s not real a Moni – it's made for 5 Martyrers.
A lot of goats around, they were vy wondering and expected some food.


I let the motorbike there and began to climb up.
Not so easy because no way – i'ts sometimes hard to find a way where the legs are not scratched.
And up...up in the full sun. Two times I stopped and drunk someting.
Abt 10:20 after 50 Minutes I was up.

Amazing view around. A lot of small islands.
The looked for the antenne.
First direction then about the direction of the wind from N-E
I found from «Shack» pull the wire for the Fuchsantenna to the wind – to N-E.

Next to the working point I discovered an old antenna – maybe from a repeater.
I took a wood from them for the end point of my antenna.

Abt 11:40 I was ready and listed to the QRG around 14060.
And soon I recognized Oleg RX3G was calling CQ.
We made the QSO – had some QSB (it's normal) but well.

After I began to call for CQ on 14060.5
20m was a bit noisy – I hoped by the chasers QTH not.
Until 12 o'clock I already made 5 QSO. Also with a SOTA in HB9.
Abt 12:20 I changed to 17m and in 10 Minutes had 3 QSO.
17M was quiet but I was not in RBN
Then again back to 20m and made the final 2 QSO.

Abt 13 o'clock I made QRT cleaned up and packed. Then began to go down.
14 o'clock I was already on the y beautiful bay (like Carribian) and took a bath.
At 16 o'clock I gave the motorbike back and returned to my ship and made the Log.
Radio waves - as usual.
my personally I had some problems to understand the call signs.
Was it my head (from Ouzo) or the wind into the in ear headphones, and the temperature, and the sun ?
I do not know.
Finall, one seems I did not correct write down, its DG1NJW ..could not find in QRZ.

3 x Russia
3 x HB9 (1 x S2S)
2 x France
2 x Poland
1 x Ukraine
1 x Italy
1 x Germany
1 x CT – this was the longest distance)

RS-918 – made abt 8 Watts
Fuchs Tuner, Wire 21m
20m/17m could tune to 1:1
Mast abt 8m

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