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the Chrome

the bad looking Brass

totally unmountet parts

picture for knowledge

now parts clear painted with spray

and it look nice vy ...

shining like new

vy nice look with QCX 20m

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Paddles von Yuri (UR5CDX)

Few years ago I ordered two CW paddles from UR5CDX (Yuri).

One in Chrome, other in Brass. Unfortunally the Brass take with me on the sailing boat....yes after 3 years vy bad looking. Then I took them to the shack in TA3 where I them vy nice polished in autum 2018.
For preventig to becom dirty again I applied a small film of oil.  Now autum 2019 - was looking bad again.
I unmounted all parts again and a gild taller polished them for me. Now before I mounted the parts I applied a clear paint.
So I hope this now keeps the shining surface.
See pictures.

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