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while EG6CWO is on Air - Band closed by

first missed - then a happy end..

Spanish HAM Spirit - suceess

Amateurfunk - HAM info

EA8 - 1.-10.1.2015 Spanish CWOPS Award - with happy end

12.Enero 2016 - a happy end:
And, how I checked the WebPage again today, the rules for the Award have changed. New are 5 different Station and 20 QSO nessesary for the Award.
Warm thanks the CWOPS Spain for this HAM Spirit
GRACIAS por questo HAM Spirit


found on CWOPS Web Site the Award for Spanish CW OPS.
I decided to participate.


Nearly all stations could be worked, sometimes hard, sometimes easier.
I am located behind a mountain (the Risco de Tibataje) which is only 500m away from QTH and goes from 30m over sea which has my QTH, up to 980m.
The elevation from here to the top is more than 30°.
Very hard and most time unpossible to make QSO's in this direction.
I can reach Spain mainland and all more to west. But North and East is hard and only with very well conditions possible, or more away - eg Norway.



So it was not possible to work the EG6CWO, altough I always found him in RBN and suddently answered and answered and answered.......
I had no chance against the much more powerfull stations from EA and from the North.
I work with 100W only a ZS6BKW and other OM's with kW and beams ....
Additional the EG6CWO was not often on Air. And if, then only short times.

And now, short before the end, EG6CWO is again in air on 40m. But surprise, there is a noise on the band - thats a Radar I know - which close the hole 40m band with a pegel sometimes more than S9.
And more, they are some incomming call voices splashing into 40m, this are calls from mobile phones. The talks are understandable very well. (how strong are these signals ???)


EG1CWO 5 time worked

EG2CWO 6 times

EG4CWO 5 times

EG5CWO 4 times

EG6CWO ......

EG8CWO 7 times - (also on 60m with 5 Watts from KX3)




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