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10.11.23 Ferry Ticket to Ayvalik

the Ferry inside

om the street a new name

and my entry - a number !!!

from balcony to west

from balcony to north-west

shack with mag.Loop

SDR Twente mag Loop 13.11.23

my Lunch 13.11.23 (Iskender Kebap)

and the menu ( 200 TL = CHF 6 )

Map 11.11.-4.12.

2023 - HB9 - SV8 - TA3

TA3 - Türkei 10.Nov 2023 - xx.xx.xx

 Es gibt Leser dieser Einträge die der deutschen Sprache nicht mächtig sind - sozusagen.
Also werd ich diesen Eintrag wieder mal in englisch schreiben. Da ich mein Englisch als einfach und rudimentär einstufe werden es wohl alle verstehen.

Hier zuunterst sind noch weitere Beiträge über das Leben hier, technisches etc

Now it's 19:00 on 13.November 2023 - time to write something about last time.
My second travel to Lesvos this year was on 7.September 2023.  For abt 2 weeks delayed because of my Lunge infection. I feel me generally good, but with less power as before.
I hope my stay in Turkey will help to reach again a good power level.

I arrived Mytiline on 7.November in the evening. Manfred was expecting me and after a coffee in the marina restaurant I was glad to see my bed in the ship.
Manfred planned to put the "Arcobaleno" on Friday to the dry Dock. And this was perfect for me to move to Turkey on Saturday the 11. with the 17;00 o'clock ferry. I choosed the fast Ferry  for 20€ one way. Thats a Katamaran Type with a max speed of abt 60 km/hrs.
But we had some wind from sout-west with gusts for 40 knots. I guess the ferry was going abt 40-50 km/h
Just one hour later I was in Ayvalik (local time 19) . My friend Suat picked me up and 10 Min later I was at home. After checking my home (and the shack!) I sleeped wonderful, although the whole night where big flashes over the Gulf of Edremit - but without any thunder.

Sunday I went out and... oh miracle. All Streets, ways houses have new plates with name and or number. This must be a action from Balkesir (its like a Canton or a State).
WX on sunday vy nice, Sunny and Temp max 25 C .

Now had no Internet (because shops where closed). I decided to have a breakfast in the Center of Ayvalik. With the small bus (Nr 3 every hour), I went for 15 TL (45 cents) to Ayvalik. My BAL Card for the bus from last year had still Debit abt 100 TL .
Then I checked the WIFI. There is free WIFI for all in the city of Ayvalik. I had to register me and the connection was perfect.

During the Breakfast it becames 12 o'clock = 10 o'clock in Switzerland. Time for our QSO Round on a repeater (DB0WT). It's connected to Echolink. So I am able to participate from everywhere with the ECHOLINK App on my Android Handy. Nearly one hour takes our Schnakk every Sunday.

In the evening I went to the small shop within our cooperative, and got some food for Monday breakfast.
fresh Egg 15 cts each
Bred 25 cts
Butter 3 €/$/CHF for 100 gr

Again sleept vy well, this night without flashes.
Monday, after breakfast. It was too early for to go to the City  I mounted the mag.Loop.

I was wondering abt the RX and TX posssibiliies here.
Inside in the shack mounted - and could tune to 14 060 with 1:1. But the Band was not open. After hours it opends and I could read some stations from Europe (Germans, France, Italian).
Sometimes I gave answer with 5 Watts but had no sucess.

Abt 12 o'clock I went with the bus to the City.
First changed some € to TL (best to do do in a Jewellery shop) - 300€ I got nearly 10'000 TL (means 100 pcs of 100 TL Notes).
After went to the TurkCell Shop - got a new SIM Card with Internet Connection for 3 Months - this was 890 TL (abt 27 CHF)

In another Cafe I checked the E-Mails an arrived conversation in the different apps.

At home I connectd the PC to the Handy (Hot Spot Mode) and made some Tests with the mag.Loop.
Result: with 5 Watts mag.Loop indoor I could read me on the SDR Twente (JO32kf to Ayvalik (KM39ii)  = 2088.26 km .

Unfortunally the hole Monday some rain - it was not possible to mount the CobWeb Antenna outside.  

Btw my equipment here in QTH TA3:
- FT-897D - 100 Watt Tranceiver with 300 Hz CW Filter
- SCU - 17 Digi Interface
- DIY Keyer
- DIY Audio SCAF Filter
- FT-Meter (external PWR/SWR) Meter
- Speakers
- CW Key CT 599MX from UR5CDX
- Netzteile
- HLA300 Plus PA
- CobWeb Antenne 20-10m
- ZS6BKW 80-10m

- Alinco DX-SR8 - 100W Tranceiver

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