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HB9 - 2022-06-26 - Club72 the Relay Race

Today want to check wether its possible for the first Time to participate in the Club 72 Relay Race.

Abt 9 o'clock (local) I was up on top of my hill 551m.
I want to prepare me an have at 10 o'clock two sessions on 70cm with our club HB9SH and after a round on DB0WT (South Germany).

But first pulled up the 20m Bazooka.
Then I turned on the Handy on 145.500 and listend.
Oh, there is one for SOTA calling...
But had some noise - I waited and I could chase the two fellows from Portugal - but they where on a mountain in HB9.
With HB9/CT2JLS/P and HB9/CT2HOV - the Ref was HB/ZH-014 a well known small mountain.

Slowly becomes 10 o'clock (local).
In the HB9SH Round have been 6 participants - we talked abt 20 minutes.
After switched to the Repeater DB9WT (near the border to HB9. Finally we also where 6 participants.
Stopped short before 11 UTC for to be ready for the RR.

09:00 UTC - Start of 72RR

And full success - I heard R4WAN - after RX3G - and after nothing more.
To both I replied but they not read me.

After had some other QSO ...until

I heard Voijkan  YU2TT - but also no reply.
After at 9:45 I began to read Costas SV8GGI - first vy weak but slowly increasing.
I replied for several minutes - but he could only read parts of my call.

Then - miracle : the cold part of the bazooka lost the support and felled down.
The hot part still on abt 5m.. now it was nearly a vertical.
I pulled the cold part a bit away fixed them and the bazooka was now abt 40 degres a Sloop.
Finally : with the next call Costas has read me !
(aaahhh the bazooka works better as Sloop !)
(Ontime on SOTA on Aegean Island region I remember, yes it was much better as Sloop, not horizontally and all up - maybe needs the earth.)

I've read Costas with 559 - he gave me 119.

After began to call QC 72RR ...
YU7CF came in, DL7VPE with 1 Watt came in, an YO8W? came in - but no more RR participants
See also my RBN -

Abt 10:45 UTC I made more stations  ..
Peter OO7O finally published the chain:
The Relay Race «chain» today is the following: R4WAN - RX3G - DJ7XG - OO7Z - DK1HW - YU2TT - SV8GGI - HB9FIH
Next time I have to start the race


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