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the WISH order

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the original app runs

load tft from SD --- hangs

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TJC Display - instead Nextion

For the ordered uBITY V6 I ordered a Nextion TFT Display 2.8"
I found one by WISH two of them - see Picture.
I assumed its a Nextion 2.8" .... there was no other Information

I received them while I was in HB9 and took them with me bc the uBITX V6 should arrive when I will be in EA8.

In January 21 the uBITX arrived in EA8.
Suddently assembled and runned.
Then I prepared the additional things.
- AGC from kit-project - no problem.
- update to the CEC Firmware 1.2 - no problem.
- loading the Display tft file for the CEC firmware - DISPLAY HANGS...
fact Its a TJC not a Nextion Display
see picture

Now no more news..stat is same..always when I try to load a tft file from SD card in boot sequence - it suddently hangs.

Without SD Card booting the display, the original app runns well.

No Idea what to do ......

Not found any more information on net manual, description etc...
And.. by WISH its not possible to have any conversation...

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